The Original Cascade & Pacific Railway - Winton Division 1975 to 1985

The original C&P layout was built in 1975 and based on an alignment between Entiat and Darrington, WA via Buck Pass. The layout was housed in a 24'x20' area. The track was all code 100 flextrack with handmade turnouts and the main track was laid with a 24" min. radius. The main track looped the entire room three times and had a run of about 300'.  An eight track hidden staging yard joined east and west ends of the railroad. Winton Yard featured a small engine facility with turntable, seven yard tracks and had caboose and rip track areas.  Conventional multi-cab block control was used for operations. A fully functional ABS signal system was in use with dispatcher controlled absolute blocks at various places on the line. Through freights transitioned the layout with crew change and switching performed at Winton. Local freights worked east to Entiat and west to Buck Pass. Many fun-filled times were  spent by friends operating the railroad. In 1985, this layout was dismantled to prepare for a new railroad which would feature broad radius curves and scale sized rail. This is a 3rd PlanIt drawing which is very similar to the original C&P. While this is not an exact replication of the original C&P, it depicts how things were laid out.



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< The depot at Buck Pass with Mad River Mine #1 visible below/right on a lower level. The little lake/cabin scene is located to the lower left of this shot on the Buck Pass level. The ridge beyond the tracks was a scenic divider.

The ridge hides the
Buck Pass depot and trackage. >

< A train on the lower level after passing through a tunnel from the Chiwawa River Valley. Above is the mainline to Buck Pass where it circled the lake/cabin scene. The two lines were separated by a few inches vertically. It didn't seem bothersome to have the multiple lines through the scenes, especially with some vertical space between them. The curves were mostly 24" radius and we operated 30-35 car trains with few problems. The train will pass below Buck Pass in a tunnel and emerge at Mad River Mine #1 which you can see in the photo above. The culvert visible on the right edge of the photo is at Ardenvoir just east of Mine #1. Above it is the mainline leaving Buck Pass and you can just see the end of a bridge in the upper right corner. The mainline continued the climb to Summit.

Mad River Mine #1 with
Buck Pass above. "Clear Block" for a westbound train! Also an industry idea where there is not a lot of space required to make some work for a local freight. >

< SD40-2's at Ardenvoir. A siding began here that extended east to Entiat.

, WA. This is the little yard that I have used on all three model railroads! It's now Burlington Yard. A short run off to the right went to staging. The train is coming off a branch line into the yard. The line climbing up behind the depot is west from Winton Yard to Summit and Buck Pass. The Summit line is high up near the top of the photo with Buck Pass off to the left. Some of the backdrop and scenery had not been finished at this point. >

< A local that has departed Entiat and is heading east towards staging. Above and behind is the west end of Winton Yard. Not visible behind train/bridge is the westward mainline down in the river valley that went into staging.

In this photo the Buck Pass depot is almost centered, the lake/cabin in the lower right, and the Chiwawa River valley in the lower left. The mainline coming up to Buck Pass angles across this view center and below the Buck Pass depot and curves around to the right, then reverses to pass by the depot. >

< SD40-2's on the Howe truss over the Chiwawa River.

The opposite end of the Chiwawa next to Plain, WA. >

< This is Plain just off to the left of the photo above. The line in the upper right above the structure is the eastward main up to Buck Pass.

Winton Yard west of Plain. The line on "stilts" is westward climbing to
, Buck Pass, and points west. >

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