Cascade & Pacific Railway - Bellingham Division 1985 to 2001

Construction of the new layout began in 1985 and replaced the old C&P layout. Some primary considerations for the new layout were NO DUCK-UNDERS, a 36" minimum radius for the main track, a "bookshelf-linear" design where the main track passes through each scene only once, and an 18" nominal shelf width.  The layout was mounted to the walls of the room and the two peninsulas were suspended from the roof trusses which eliminated the need for legs on the floor. The mainline run was about 200' in length. Standards for track were handlaid code 83 rail spiked onto wood ties for the main, code 70 in side tracks and yards, code 55 on certain industrial tracks, and code 100 flex track  in all hidden trackage. Mainline siding turnouts were hand made #10s wherever possible with #6 standard in yards. Maximum gradient was 1.8%. Two hidden staging / reverse loops at each end of the railroad had five tracks per loop and each track held a 45 car train plus power.  Automatic train stop was provided in the staging tracks. Walk-around control was provided by PSI DYNATROL with DYNASTROL memory units. This allowed up to 18 trains to run independently on the layout. A completely functional signal system was installed and CTC was in effect on the new Bellingham Subdivision. Control Point turnouts were operated using home-made screw drive type machines powered with Buhler motors. Hand throw turnouts used Caboose Industries throws. The layout was modeled in the 1980's era.


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Click for video!< C&P southward train enters Sumas from the north staging on the siding. Sumas was the interchange for Canadian Pacific and Southern BC Railway trains. The Sumas Local, a road switcher, handled the chores here. A daily local turn to Bellingham also originated from Sumas.

The crossing at Sumas Yard with Train #32 arriving from the south. >

Engines wait for assignment on the back lead at Sumas, and SRY power waits in the yard after delivering interchange cars. >

< Train #31 leaving Sumas for the south.

The Sumas Local working the yard. >
Glacier Pit
 < The Sumas Local switching Glacier Pit.

Shoving a cut of cars to spot. >

< Ready to head for Everson.

#31 has a "high green" at Hampton/Lynden on the main track heading for Bellingham. >

< SD-38's #202 and #203 with Train #401 roll over the high bridge leaving Hampton/Lynden and head south into Everson.

SW-7 #17 is tied up on the Elevator Lead at Everson. >

< In the 1950's, an NP S-4 stops at Everson for orders.

A Great Northern Jordan Spreader is at Everson on loan to C&P for maintenance of way work. >

< "Deadwood" heading south from Everson after crossing the Nooksack River at Everson. >

SD-38's #200, #201 head south with train #31 over the fill at Goshen Jct. >
< Lumber Mill and the William F. Bonville cement plant at Hannegan. The lone caboose is on the Lumber Lead, and caboose with cars is on the siding. >

< Hannegan station sign and tunnel heading south towards Bennett Jct and Bellingham.

The Tail Track at the cement plant. >

< C&P GP-40 #352 heads south past the cement plant warehouse at Hannegan.

A BN local leaves Hannegan southward for Bellingham. >

< SD-38 #200 and UP SD-40-2 handle a manifest train south through Hannegan.

Switching on the Lumber Lead. >
Bennett Jct
< SD-38 # 200 at Bennett Jct heading north for Sumas.

BN has the C&P stopped northward at Bennett Jct. >

< C&P Train No.1 rolls through Bennett Jct for Bellingham.

Caboose X-54 brings up the rear of #31 at Bennett Jct. >

< The Local arrives at Bennett Jct from Sumas.
< SD-38 #200 leaves Bellingham for Sumas.

Bellingham Yard. >

< SW-7 #16 works the north end of Bellingham Yard.

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